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Classic model, most popular bike with inner hidden battery. 

Folding Electric Bike E-Bike 20 Inch

Technology Specification

Colors: All YS series colors are available; matt, pearlised and metallic colors; double colors on request.

Battery: PANASONIC/ SAMSUNG cells. With smart protection in the condition of short circuit. 

Charger: Plugs suitable for your country. AC 110V - 240V, intelligent charger with automatic disconnection when the battery is full.

Motor: Rear brushless hub motor 36V 250W with plug motor. Big torque power motor designed for climbing hills available. 

Display: LED as standars, and LCD for option.

Wheel: 20 x2.125 brand Kenda.

Gear set: SHIMANO 6 gears; derailleur protector included.

Brakes: front and rear disc brake, disc as option.

Net Weight: 23 kg, battery included.

Container: 105 pcs in 20feet container; 250 pcs in 40feet container.

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Folding Electric Bike E-Bike 20 Inch


Lithium-ion 36V10Ah, cylindrical cells 2600mAh.

Battery inside the frame, light and easy to take it out to be charged where you want.

Autonomy 30-90Km depending on the rider, road climbing degree and PAS selected.

Available cells brand PANASONIC or SAMSUNG.

Folding Electric Bike E-Bike 20 Inch


- Integrated motor plug, for a fast and easy replacement of the complete rear motor wheel in case of necessity.

-Available rear motors 36-48V 250W-500W  

-Available colour: black or silver

Folding Electric Bike E-Bike 20 Inch


- Battery indicator.

- 3 levels of PAS

- front and rear light control

Folding Electric Bike E-Bike 20 Inch


Model Tourney 6 gears.

Derailleur protector included.

On request all the series Shimano are available


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